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Travel security - general guidelines

E-learning course about travel security 


Today, travel safety is more important than ever. In this e-learning travel safety course, you will learn how to reduce/eliminate risks and incidents when and whre you travel.

Travel security for companies


Many companies expand their business outside their home market, and as a result of that, travel becomes a necessity.

This means that as a traveler, you must reduce your vulnerability by taking precautions in order to ensure that you are safe when traveling.


Our Travel Safety Course provides you with general advice that helps you prepare for your trip. It also gives you information on how to act quickly if an event occurs while you are traveling abroad.


"You can not prevent threats, but you can do a lot to reduce your own vulnerability."

2 E-learning modules - 30 minutes each

The travel security e-learning course is divided into two modules consisting of 30 minutes each. Each module contains a quiz that helps you remember the most important messages in the course.

Each module contains a user-friendly menu listing which chapters have been completed and which chapters you still need to complete. The course include a bookmark feature - this means that can leave the module and resume without having to restart all over again..

Why choose this course?


Exciting and interactive

Our new e-learning travel safety course is based on feedback from thousands of users who have completed the course.

It's exciting and interactive, and it makes it easy to remember the content. We use a number of dilemmas and scenarios ensure that the user recalls the most important elements of the course.


Approved by experts

The content of the e-learning course has been approved by travel security experts. This ensures that users receive accurate and relevant information that can help them when they need it most.

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