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Rejsesikkerhed for kvinder kursus

kursus i rejsesikkerhed for kvinder

Female traveler

E-learning course about female travelers 


It is not surprising that international travel is connected with an increasing number of risks for travelers.

If you are a frequent traveler, you have probably read a lot about what to be aware of when traveling abroad.

You might think, is there any difference between men and women traveling when it comes to security procedures.

Most safety and precautions are the same. But when you as a woman travel alone in foreign countries, the risk is higher, especially when it comes to sexual harassment.

Why choose this course?


It is an exciting and interactive e-learning course.

Our new e-learning travel safety course is based on feedback from thousands of users who have completed the course.

We use a number of dilemmas and scenarios to ensure that the user recalls the most important elements of the course.


Approved by experts

The content of the e-learning course has been approved by travel safety experts. This ensures that users receive accurate and relevant information that can help them when they need it.

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