Our Travel Security e-learning courses can be provided as standard courses or as customized versions, which means that we can add/delte content and change the design in order to create an e-learning course based on you specific needs. 

e-learning i rejsesikkerhed

e-learning kurser


e-learning i Rejsesikkerhed

Travel Security

Travel safety is more important than ever. In this travel safety e-learning course, you will learn how to reduce the risk of incidents when you travel.


Stay healthy during travel

Before you travel, ask yourself these question:


What infectious diseases are easily transmitted through mosquitoes, water or contact with other people?


Female Traveler

This e-learning course focuses on the risks and dangers that women can encounter when traveling around the world.

e-learning skudepisoder

Active Shooting

This course gives you useful information and advice that explains how to respond if you are in the middle of a shooting incident.

e-learning Malaria


Malaria is one of the most deadly diseases on earth. It is therefore important to take some precautions when traveling to a geographical area with a high risk of malaria infection. There approx. 80 to 90 million travelers who visit yearly geographical areas where malaria is endemic.

e-learning Zika andDengue fever

Zika and Dengue fever

In this course you will learn about signs and symptoms of Zika and Dengue Feber and how to avoid being infected.

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