Tailor-made courses are best - but there are exceptions

Some e-learning courses can be relevant for everyone and the more people that take the ourse the cheaper the unit price. 


Therefore, we have developed a number of standard courses that can be used by everyone. Howver, it is possible to get content or design tailored to your needs.

Contact us to get a quote and for possible customization of the content and the design.  



Corruption has a devastating effect on society. The purpose of this e-learning course is to provide you with important knowledge about corruption. You will also get insight into how the European Union and the United Nations look at corruption and what they do to combat it.

E-learning om den svære samtale

The dificult conversation

In this course "The difficult conversation", we meet a manager and one of his staff, and you get the chance to follow their conversations based on video scenarios. The course also contains dilemmas and a quiz..

E-learning om konflikthåndteing

Conflict Management

When most people hear the word conflict or feel the start of a conflict, they do everything to avoid it.

This is because conflicts are usually associated with something uncomfortable.

In this course you will gain insight into how to handle conflicts at the workplace and in privacy.

E-learning om situtionsbetsemt ledele

The situational leadership

This course gives you an insight into the importance of management based on the task and the actual person who performs the task. The importance of understanding each person's needs is emphasized. The course is interactive and contains examples as well as a quiz.



If your company has many employees who process personal data, this e-learning course is a great place to start. We have developed an e-learning course explaining the very basic requirements of the Data Protection Regulation GDPR.

e-learning CEO Fraud

CEO Fraud

Business E-mail Compromise is increasing. Learn how to identify it and how to protect your business in this 15-minute e-learning course.

e-learning kulturel intelligens

Cultural Intelligence

The Cultural intelligence e-learning course is developed in close collaboration with our partner LIVING INSTITUTE and is an interactive learning experience with videos, role-playing, exercises and quizzes, and is based on research as well as business experience in working in multi-cultural environments.

e-learnig crisis management

Crisis Management

In this course you will see some examples of crises that were badly managed, and other examples of management's ability to cope with a crisis in an orderly manner.


IT Sikkerhed

Even if you work in a company with own IT department, it is still vital that the individual IT user is aware of the security threats. No matter how effective the IT departments are, there will always be risks associated with the use of IT equipment.

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