e-learning kulturel forskel 

e-learning kursus i kulturel forskel 

e-learning om cultural Intelligence 

kursus om cultural Intelligence 

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Cultural Intelligence

E-learning course about cultural intelligence


The cultural intelligence e-learning course is developed in close cooperation with our partner LIVING INSTITUTE and is an interactive learning experience with videos, role-playing, exercises and quizzes and is based on research and business experiences.


If you're used to traveling abroad or if you work with colleagues from different countries then you've probably met/seen other cultures, and you've perhaps wondered about the differences between your own and other cultures. 


This e-learning course is based on research and LIVING INSTITUTE's extensive work experience in the field. It gives you an insight into why we behave differently depending on the country/area we come from.

"There no such a thing as good or bad culture - there are different cultures."


The e-learning course consists of six chapters and one quiz


The cultural intelligence e-learning course consists of 6 chapters:


- Paradox of diversity

- What is culture

- Cultural gaffes

- Cultural interaction

- Time perception and power distance

- How to become culturally intelligent

After completing the six chapters, you can test your knowledge with a quiz.

Duration: 1,5 - 2 hours.

Contact us for more information.

Ezector Solutions, Dantes Plads 1, 1556 København V. support@ezector.com  +45 31 53 07 96
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