Course development

Read about how we develop courses and how we distribute them

Your e-learning course will be tailor-made and based on the training subject as well as the audience you are trying to reach.  


We will be happy to provide a full development service for you but we are equally happy if you want to use our services only for a specific part in your development project. 

There are four main areas we focus on when we develop new courses for a client - you can read about them below.


The first thing we do is to identify what you want to achieve with the learning activity.

There is a difference between developing courses in connection with onboarding programs, providing new knowledge or certifying courses. 

The target audience is important. What is their current level of knowledge, how do they learn best and how and when will the training take place?


There is a reason for a every training initiative.

We feel that it is important for us to understand the training goals and find a way to follow up on them. 

This way we can measure whether the training has achieved the desired learning effect.


The follow-up will help shape the quality of future e-learning courses. 


The content in each course is one of the most important aspects in the course development process. It is about writing a storyboard that engages the users. 

We write storyboards using the best learning techniques.

If you already have gathered content and assets about a training subject, we will be more than happy to help you develop a final storyboard. 


For some people a picture says more than a thousand words - and for others a game or quiz is better.

It is therefore important to choose the right way of training. Today the possibilities are endless as to what can be done in terms of e-learning. 

We can incorporate different gamification techniques, animations and videos and combine the whole lot in one e-learning course. 

Learning Management System (LMS)

Every e-learning course requires an LMS.

With an LMS, your course can be made available to users anytime and anywhere around the globe.


We use an Enterprise Grade Learning Management System (LMS), which gives our customers a wide range of benefits.

If you do have your own LMS, we can still develop e-learning courses for you and make sure that they run properly. 

We manage client access through custom interfaces. Each of our customers has their own branding, settings, users and content libraries.

​Our LMS is user friendly and with its simple interface it is easy to use.


We design your e-learning courses according to your design manual and corporate ID.

This strengthens your brand, users 'feel at home' and feel that the e-learning course is not just an off-the-shelf product but it was actually developed specifically for them. 


The training performance results are important in terms of follow-up and continuous improvements. 

You can view/download a huge variety of completion reports about users in different formats such as Excel, XML or PDF.


Privacy policy and security are important for us and for our clients - and we take this very seriously.

All communication between the LMS and the users is encrypted. Our security settings live up to the GDPR requirements. 


The LMS will be adapted to your specific needs.

Settings, users, and content libraries can be managed the way it suits you and your company, and you can quickly get an overview of who completed which e-learning course and when. 


You can create as many onboarding programs for new employees as you like.

Onboarding programs can be Blended Learning i.e. a mix of e-learning courses, classroom training, learning paths, online demonstrations of systems/products, workshops, etc.


Perhaps you would like to have a comprehensive overview of the employees' skills in your HR system?

This is no problem, because our LMS solution enables integration with almost all HR systems.


A learning path often consists of several training activities.

Our LMS solution allows you to manage and track classroom training by providing you with a range of features such as: Booking, e-mail notifications, waitlist management, reports and so on. 

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