E-learning kursus i anti-korruption

Lær om anti-korruption

E-learning kursus i anti-korruption

e-learning kursus i anti-korruption

Kursus i anti-korruption


E-learning course on anti-corruption


The purpose of this e-learning anti-corruption e-learning course is to help you gain important knowledge about general anti-corruption regulations. The course will help you comply with the current anti-corruption laws.

When you have finished the course you will:


  • Have a clear idea of what corruption is

  • Have knowledge of the negative impact corruption has on companies and society in general

  • Understand the different forms of corruption

  • Use your knowledge to avoid conflicting behavior with your company's anti-corruption guidelines.


"Corruption is an abuse of trusted power for ones own gain."


The e-learning course consists of 2 modules of 30 minutes each


Anti-corruption e-learning course is divided into two modules, which last 30 minutes each.


Each module contains a user-friendly menu indicating which chapters have been completed and which chapters you need to complete. The modules also contain a bookmark functionality, which allows to leave the module and resume where you left off without having to restart all over again.

 Module 2 contains a quiz that allows you to test your knowledge.

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